Living in the Chtuhlucene (New Delhi)

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Group Show Curated By Valentino Catricalà.
31.01 – 28.02.2019
Opening 30th, January 2019 at the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre of New Delhi (INDIA)

“LIVING IN THE CTHULUCENE” Exhibition and “BREAKTHROUGH” Light Installation.

We are delighted to invite you to the new exhibition organized by the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, entitled “Living in the Cthulucene”, from 31 January to 28 February 2019.
The aim of the exhibition, curated by Valentino Catricalà, is to explore our existential condition from the point of view of the concept of “Cthulucene”: a crucial concept invented by Donna Haraway to understand the new world we are about to live.
An age which is getting closer to a social, economic and philosophical model of a new “ecological attitude”, where uncertainty becomes an existential condition to build.
In such a transformative time, we might abandon the idea of Anthropocene, that phase in the history of the Earth in which natural and human forces became intertwined so that the fate of one determines the fate of the other.
Future is Cthulucene, in a new process of rewording.
Six artists will try to stress these concepts from their perspective.
Through the balance and heightened tension between objects and forms in Lulù Nuti’s artworks, the sculptures-machines of Donato Piccolo, and the works of other artists such as Rä Di Martino, Lulù Nuti, Donato Piccolo, Luca Pozzi, Pietro Ruffo & Alessandro Twombly, this exhibition will put us in front a frontier location: that thin line that defines habitation as a rational, civil construct. Different from the formless, pre-rational, animal condition.
In parallel to “Living in the Cthulucene” exhibition, will be displayed the light installation of Andrea Anastasio, entitled “Breakthrough”, produced by Chandannagar West Bengal.

The exhibition will be displayed from January 31 to February 28, 2019, at the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre.