Mikey Explosion

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[MIKEY EXPLOSION] at Sondare L’altrove  curated by Milena Becci.

Pelicula studio fotografico // Centro Comm.le Mimosa, via Federici, Pesaro (PU)

January  2019

Info: +39 329 4969275, fotosereni@tin.it



When did they let you out of jail? Political refugee. Right.

You know how many treaties you just violated?

– One!
– Try…Seven!! That’s enough, Mikey.

You hand me that head.
Put up your arms and all your flippers.”


On 26 January, for the first appointment in 2019, Luca Pozzi will set up his works in the photographic studio with a project that opens the door to a new chapter, which is experimental and witty, worthy of one of the youngest artists known from the national scene. Through MIKEY EXPLOSION the concept from which it is born SONDARE L’ALTROVE is manifested even more clearly and further develops the coordinates from which it started almost a year ago, going to explore other dimensions. The original production function of the photographic studio is re-established and the environment is intended as a site-specific film set, used for the creation of new contents, parallel narratives, overlapping times and rolled dimensions. With the use of Blue Screen technology, the physical walls of the space are converted into real dimensional portals open on scenarios invisible to the naked eye, above which fluctuate a series of magnetized physical works, built through the fragile concatenation of further levels of suspension. Black opaque surfaces, curved aluminum bars and levitating ping-pong balls, become material testimonies of a great impalpable explosion that happened in a time and a dimension that is not well defined but that continues to echo on the monochromatic walls like a background noise, like an obsessive thought, like the scene in a film that desperately tries to remember the name. Mikey’s Explosion builds the prerequisites for imaginative teleportation within that scene slowly revealing the contours, starting from the slowed, distorted and dilated sounds that fill the environment and that invite the viewer to take part, to contribute with its presence to the activation of the entire allegorical/narrative system. The exhibition in its entirety will be visible to the viewer ̶ in his completeness ̶ only in the days following the opening, exclusively online, where it will be possible to enjoy the work realized in its entirety. Luca Pozzi will probe with MIKEY EXPLOSION other depths, chained worlds of which the public, on January 26th, will be partly unaware, visiting the exhibition with a single awareness: matter is just the beginning.