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„Verbindungen: Ganzes und Nichtganzes, Zusammengehendes und Auseinanderstrebendes, Einklang und Missklang und aus Allem Eins und aus Einem Alles.“ 
(Heraclitus Teachings on ‘Unity of things’)

In his theory about the unity of opposites Heraclitus famously stated that, “The path up and down are the same”. Flux, to him, was not an antipode to constancy. On the contrary, he believed flux to be a necessary precondition for constancy. 

‘NOTHING ENDURES BUT CHANGE’ attempts to explore the transition between space, time and material. The show is a retrospective, expressing the opposite ends of a spectrum: oscillating between solidity and flux, between the construction of a space and its inevitable dismantling. What you see is not a mergence of opposites into one single identity, but a series of subtle analyses revealing the interconnectedness of contrary states in life and in the world.
This mixed-media exhibition reflects the experiment, which this temporary space has been – the many ways in which it has been re-appropriated over time, the ever changing program that has shaped its identity over past 1,5 years.

exhibition running:
tue- fri, 1 – 6 PM.

PFADFINDEREI I Pussykrew I LUCA POZZI I SYC I JENNY KEUTER I KRISTINE ALKSNE I Serein Konzeptkunst & Mikroarchitektur I LiCHTFRiTZEN I Korinsky – Atelier für vertikale Flächen

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curated by:
Chefanie Greimel & Johannar T. Wallenborn


Luca Pozzi #3_small

Luca Pozzi #11_small Luca_Pozzi_leherter_siebzehn_5 Luca_Pozzi_leherter_siebzehn_1 Luca_Pozzi_leherter_siebzehn_6 Luca_Pozzi_leherter_siebzehn_4