The “Quantum Gravity Cave” started at the beginning of 2010 at La Faculté des Sciences de Luminy in Marseille, where the Loop Quantum Gravity team works under the direction of the italian physicist Carlo Rovelli. The “Cave” was then developed at the Albert Einstein Institute of Berlin directed by the string theorist Hermann Nicolai, in May 2011 at the C.I.S.C. (Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cienfìcas) in Madrid and finally in 2012 at P.I. (Perimeter Institute) In Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Mapping the researchers hands by means of a uv led lamp and a tablet treated with phosphorus based painting, The Quantum Gravity Cave is aimed at connecting the extreme research in theoretical physics to the contemporary art system through the use of an ancient language that is underneath every creative process: the cave paintings.


Abhay Ashtekar / Daniele Oriti / Isabeau Prémont-Schwarz / Etera R. Livine / Francesca Vidotto / Hermann Nicolai / Fotini Markopoulou / Jean-Luc Lehners / Carlos Guedes / Frank Hellmann / Luis J. Garay / Grigory Vartanov / Guillermo A. Mena-Marugan / Jerzy Lewandowski / Bianca Dittrich / Laurent Freidel / Lorenzo Sindoni /Alejandro Perez / Wolfgang Wieland / Raymond Aschheim / Oscar Varela / Daniel Martín De Blas / Muxin Han / Carlo Rovelli / Javier Olmedo Nieto / Simone Speziale / Stefan Theisen / Matteo Smerlak / Ajay Singh / Benjamin Assel / Jaume Gomis / Jorge G. Russo / Valentin Bonzom / Aurélien Barrau and others.

Loop Quantum Gravity Community at consejo superior de investigacion cientifica + Luca Pozzi 2011

Luca Pozzi with Loop Quantum Gravity Community at consejo superior de investigacion cientifica, Madrid, 2011.

Abhay Ashtekar's luminescent signature

Lambda Print on aluminum retro Plexiglas 35×25 cm (Abhay Ashtekar)


Exhibition view “The Messages of Gravity” at Grimmuseum, 2013, Berlin.