The photo series “The Big Jump Experiment” is based on the idea of connecting geographical areas and ethnic groups using as a free and common background the famous white and gray checkerboard pattern representative of the “vacuum” in the Photoshop graphic software. The first attempt has been realized in the Dead Sea region, between Israel, Giordania and Palestine, during the Eternal Internet Brotherhood residency program, april 2014.

Luca_Pozzi_The_big_jump_experiment_Pozzi_smallLuca_Pozzi_BiG_Jump_Aharon_small Luca_Pozzi_BiG_Jump_Miltos_small Luca_Pozzi_The_big_jump_experiment_Calvert_small Luca_Pozzi_The_big_jump_experiment_Charlebois_small Luca_Pozzi_The_big_jump_experiment_Delisi_small Luca_Pozzi_The_big_jump_experiment_Pozzi_detail