Luca Pozzi @ TED X Roma SOCIETY 5.0

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TEDxRoma 2019 – May 4th

Society 5.0

A Human Centric future

Progress, innovation, and future are notions continuously present in today’s politics, economy, and global society. People of all ages are involved in a new cultural evolutionary shift never seen before: the digital transformation of our species.

This new reality compels us to reestablish objectives shaped by the following questions: What do we want our society to look like in the immediate and near future? What should the relationship between humankind and its artificial expansion be based on? Who will lead the way and guide the outcomes of the upcoming progress of the 21st century?

What role will humans play during this unrestrainable transformation?

There is a strong urge to explore these challenges and to ponder what this new human identity should be like. An identity that, contrary to today’s social and economic drifts, should once more be at the center of our work and attention. Will the new digital, fast-tracked, complex, and unequal society, unaware of the past while relentlessly chasing after the future, be able to find a new equilibrium among forces that determine our historical evolution? That is, will it place human beings at the center of their choices at all times?

This is the Society 5.0  we hope for. A human-centered society where the human identity, thanks to the evolution of modern technology, is stronger and more aware, able to benefit from the teachings of the past to create a new type of coexistence: balanced, coherent and truly evolved.